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Self-adhesive label production Baseless label and flexible packaging production Offset polygraph printing Outdoor advertising production
Self-adhesive label production Baseless label and flexible packaging production Offset polygraph printing Outdoor advertising production


The company "Packaging Solutions" offers a wide range of labels.


For food products

Here, our main task is to ensure environmental friendliness and safety. To do this, we use non-toxic sealed materials, adhesives, paints and varnishes. Typically, labels for the food industry are printed on semi-glossy paper or thermal paper. This is done so that they can then be supplemented with a thermal printer.


What else distinguishes our products? This brightness, attractiveness and resistance to any external influences, successful resistance to moisture, fats, extreme temperatures.


For example, semi-glossy labels are usually glued on products with a sufficiently long shelf life (up to 5 years). Therefore, they must bravely resist both mechanical damage and temperature jumps from -30 to +80 ° C.


Thermal labels in Voronezh are supplied not only by us (this is probably the most common type today), but our company is ready to provide the widest range of its options. In general, we supply the label in rolls of various sizes and volumes. You can see the photo of the labels at the beginning of the page. In addition, our price is quite competitive.


For drinks

Today, many companies produce approximately the same goods in this category, so they need to present themselves as much as possible attractive and bright on store shelves. And they do it not only at the expense of interesting marketing moves. The original label in Voronezh becomes a fashionable phenomenon.


Take, for example, the manufacture of labels for alcohol. For their production, we use special structured materials.


Complex multi-layer labels on bottles with options for foil stamping, embossing, printing on the glue layer guarantee not only originality, uniqueness and exclusivity, but also effective protection against forgery.


For drinks that do not contain elevated degrees, we can offer a solution that also guarantees a high appeal. Here we recommend an option such as a wrap-around on a BOPP film. It successfully resists many types of external influences:

* Does not deform from water,

* Practically does not give in to mechanical, chemical and temperature aggression, keeping quality of drawing.


For pharmaceutical products

Their main characteristics are resistance to extreme temperatures and strong "repulsive" properties. After all, they should not interact with the material of the container, penetrate through it, and even more so enter into chemical reactions with the preparations, neither during sterilization, nor during storage.


It is these characteristics that provide a label for medicines, which offers the company "Packaging Solutions." Our price for this species in Voronezh is exceptionally low.


For household, for auto chemical goods, for perfumes and cosmetics.

All of these products have increased aggressiveness.

Therefore, these labels must be resistant to various acids, oils, etc. Even if these components are spilled or crumbled during use, the appearance of the product should be "as from a display case".


For example, self-adhesive labels for cosmetics have:

* Resistant to moisture,

* Alcohol-containing liquids,

* Oils and alkalis.


But this is only one of the aspects that characterize the production of labels for cosmetics.


The fact is that simultaneously with the resistance to aggressive components, it should show a high attractiveness.

As the experience of our printing houses shows, in recent years there has been a simplification of their design, but there is a growing demand for expensive materials (not just self-adhesive paper as before) and finishing methods (for example, embossing). Creating a label for cosmetics that would be perceived as expensive and prestigious, but not screaming - that's the purpose of such appeals. Given our practical experience, we are ready to take on not only the manufacture, but also the design of labels in Voronezh and outside the region.


Self-adhesive labels for autochemistry, which are produced here, also have a number of unique characteristics. This, first of all, applies to special glues. They are resistant to aggressive environments and have enhanced "binding" properties. This gives one hundred percent adhesion to the unprepared surface. Such glue actually fixes the sticker even on very dirty or rough packagings, as well as on oiled containers with a high content of silicone.


Advertising and information stickers and stickers

Recently, the printing of stickers for complex objects has become increasingly popular. Especially for this we produce products with improved coupling characteristics.